Tomorrow Today Will Be Yesterday . . .

Calli and I had been talking about creating an image with a sunset for months. We even got in my car one day to go do it and were stymied by unexpected San Francisco fog. So when the day finally arrived and it all came together we were quite happy.

Calli’s image is about her boyfriend (and my brother!) Zachary. Her “reason” speaks to how important it is to live in the present because we never know what tomorrow will bring. She told me that when she and Zachary hit rough patches in their relationship the thing that brings them back together is living in the present and not worrying about what tomorrow will be. She also mentioned that she likes wordplay and hopes that the way she has phrased her love will make people think.

There is something about this image which seems to capture our temporality. How many sunsets have we seen? How many more will we see? Nothing is promised and creating love here and now is the imperative. I am happy my brother is with a woman who believes this.

Click here to see a portrait of Calli.