You Plant Butterflies In My Tummy

When my friend Inke fell in love with Peter she was so giddy that he commented, “I’ve planted butterflies in your stomach.” Little did they know at the time that a few years later those butterflies would turn into an adorable little baby!

For Inke, Peter, and their daughter Luccia, the beach has always been a special place. Peter is a surfer and while he goes out and rides the swells of the Pacific Inke and Luccia play in the sand. Luccia is clearly growing up a beach baby and she is very comfortable running on the sand and playing in the shallow water. It was absolutely adorable following her with a camera down the beach with these words written on her back. She laughed and screamed with delight as I chased her and we certainly drew some attention.

There is something beautiful and simple about this expression of love. When two people click there is a bodily sense of excitement. There is a line I like from a Mary Oliver poem: “You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” Inke and Peter did just that and now they have Luccia!