I Am Enough For You

Lizzy wanted to create an image for her friend and longtime roommate, Annie. Lizzy explained to me that with many people she feels she has to do something special in order to entice them to hang out with her. It sounded like she feels she needs to be “on,” ready to entertain or offer something so that people want to be with her.

But with Annie, it is different. Because they have known each other for so long it is just natural and easy. There is also the hope that this feeling that she doesn’t have to be “on” with Annie will grow to include other people as well.

I, too, have felt as Lizzy does: that I must be entertaining and witty and I get frustrated sometimes when I’m not that person. So I like this testament to easy friendship. We don’t have to perform or be anybody else when we are around those who know us most deeply.

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