You Are My Perfect Counterpart

Becki approached me about creating an image with her partner Greg. They have been seeing each other for seven months and are clearly very well suited for each other –together they are playful and smile a lot.

Their image is about the balance they share in spiritual, psychological, and physical endeavors. In a very literal sense, they are about the same size, so they actually match up very well when doing partner work on the dance floor or yoga mat. In a more metaphoric sense each of them has weaknesses where the other has strengths. For example, they explained to me that Greg is more body-oriented whereas Becki is more head-oriented. Together, they balance out and learn to grow from each other.

They were amused to find that they both had painted toenails and hairy legs, which to them symbolized the fluid nature with which they both experience gender, and decided to go with that in creating the image. When I asked who had the original idea for the reason they couldn’t remember! Consequently, this is the only image that I’ve attributed to two people. Seeing as how they were each creating an image about being the perfect counterpart for the other it seems only right.

As a photographer, it was more challenging to connect with a couple as opposed to when I am just working with one person but I believe I succeeded. Overall, it was very nice being around a playful and happy couple. We sat in Golden Gate Park and they painted the words on rocks and barks that they had collected while hiking, then gently nestled them in the crevices of their intertwined legs.

Click here to see a portrait of Becki & Greg.