You Are Inspiring

Scott is a singer/songwriter friend of mine. A couple years ago he met a European woman at a bus stop and they hit it off. Soon, they were more than friends and over the course of their romantic involvement they achieved a level of trust and intimacy that he hadn’t shared with anyone previously. It was clear from the way he described her to me that he had a deep respect for the way she lived her life, for her verve, and for her drive. Unfortunately, the time came when she had to return home. They still fly across a continent and an ocean to see each other occasionally but there is a sense that perhaps, as a romance, this is not meant to be.

During the course of our shoot he played snippets of a song he wrote about their parting. In fact, he has written several songs inspired by their relationship and, in that sense, she has been creatively inspiring to him. But also, on a personal level, he is inspired by who she is and how she moves through the world.

There is something powerful in feeling inspired to be a better person by the people closest to you. The people in my life whom I love are certainly inspirational to me, and I hope I am inspirational in return.

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