I Do

I went over to Monica’s house one gray afternoon. The object of her affection, her fiancée Sekani, was in bed, sick. As we worked in the other end of the house she talked about the multiple layers of meaning behind her reason.

First, “I do” refers to the simple fact that she does love Sekani, and that her love doesn’t need anything coming after it – it is an unconditional love.  She told me how when she first saw him it felt like a mysterious remembrance coupled with a profound admiration of him, plus an attraction that couldn’t be denied. She just wanted to be around him more. Second, “I do” also speaks to how love is an action word – one that can get played out in infinite ways and take innumerable forms. Third, “I do” simply refers to the fact that they are getting married!

In this photo, the “I Love You” is the first piece Monica ever created with a plasma cutter. As Monica pointed out, it is pretty and rugged – just like love! The shells are from a recent trip to Mexico that they took. As we were working Monica put her hands in the photo during an exposure and it created a cool effect so we decided to go with it. I soon realized that if two hands look cool then many hands would look even cooler! During 30 second long exposures Monica and I would move around the table, gently laying our hands in new positions.

There is something matter of fact about Monica and that comes through in her reason. She’s straight up: I love you because I do. I appreciate that kind of openness and simplicity. We talked about how she never played any games when she and Sekani were getting to know each other. She was completely honest with her affections and didn’t hold back. And now they have been together for three years and are engaged. I find this a refreshing example of how honesty and forthrightness can work to get you just what you want.

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