The Warmth of Your Hands & Your Heart . . .

This was the first I Love You Because image that was created. I was spending a couple of days with my grandmother Glynne whom I love very much. I explained my idea to her and asked her to think about participating. Once she had her idea we set about figuring out an appropriate way to photograph it.

She has lived many lives and had many loves but the relationship she wanted to honor in this photo was with a man in France whom she had felt particularly close to. She is a writer and as I read the text in the photo I practically melt. The love they had is palpable.

As I sat down that evening scrolling through the images on my camera a feeling settled over me. A feeling of rightness, of embarking on a long-awaited journey. It is that feeling which stays with me and propels me forward on this project. Every time I do a new shoot that energy is revived.

Click here to see a portrait I took of her.