You Are My Home . . .

I love you because you are my home and my long journey home.

This was with my friend Axel who has been dealing with some heavy stuff over the last six months. He did an “I Love You Because” to himself. It was great and it was an idea that I hadn’t thought of in starting the project. And I think it was completely appropriate and cool to have it be one of the first ones. It may be a bit of a cliche but if you don’t love yourself, how do you expect anyone else to?

The image is striking but I’m not sure yet what I got out of the encounter. I certainly got to know him better which is nice because I find him very interesting and soulful. His reason “I love you because you’re my home and my long journey home” is arresting. It has to do with his need to come back to his physical body that houses him on this earthly journey. We have to love it and give thanks for it makes so much else possible. We did sit and talk for a while and I did feel into his reasons but I think this is one image and idea that isn’t going to reveal itself so quickly. I trust that there will be a time down the road where it will click into place a little more for me. For now, I have learned that we all are the source of our own love and I have felt one man’s pain and his affirmation in the middle of it.

Click here to see a portrait of Axel.