Reason Has Nothing To Do With It

Reason Has Nothing To Do With It

One of the many reasons I love Sahar is her intelligence. While she likes the idea of my project she also bristles against the concept that love needs reasons. It feels too linear and rational for her. Love is a mystery. Love is an emotion. Love cannot be explained away and that is what makes it powerful.

Her image is dream-like (indeed, it was inspired by a dream). “Reason” is in a cage and not allowed out. We created this image through “light painting” – leaving the shutter open for an extended period and using a flashlight to illuminate certain areas.

As we were spending time together one afternoon she began joking with me: “I love you. Period. No because. I just do.” And that cuts to the heart of it (pun intended). I can understand where she’s coming from. But I also counter that there are lots of mysteries and it doesn’t stop us from trying to explore them, to grab a little of that magic and talk about it, describe it as best we can. Additionally, it is clear to me, as I go on this journey, that creating the space for people to explore their love is deeply valuable. Regardless of whether or not love can be summed up in a tidy phrase and illustrated the process is generative.

A friend recently gave me a card. In it she writes about the I Love You Because project: “So often I forget to ask this question. Thank you for helping me to remember.” If I can help people give more gratitude for the people that they love the project will be a success. I know Sahar gets this and I understand her “anti-reason.”

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