Thru Us I Have Become A Man

Destin’s image is about how his lover and fiancée, Megan Anastasia, has consistently shaped him and called him towards being the man he is. He told me incredible stories of synchronicities and connections that they share. Yet they have had an up and down, back-and-forth relationship. It is my sense that this is part of what has shaped him. He told me how he didn’t use to be able to feel comfortable calling himself a “man.” Maybe “guy” was OK but he didn’t have a good sense of what being a mature man meant. Now he feels he has stepped into that powerfully.

Their relationship has been the crucible through which Destin has been formed and the image echoes that with its fiery letters. Destin told me how when he learned that he had to shape the letters for the shoot he was reluctant. He told himself stories about how that wasn’t something he could do, about how he wasn’t creative in that way. But then he pushed through those resistances and did it anyway, because of his love for her. How he approached this little hurdle and grew from it is a clear parallel of how being in love with this woman has called forth the best in him.

I was impressed by Destin’s presence, clarity and being. When asked an interesting question he will pause, breathe deeply and settle into himself. I watched him do this again and again and there was something about taking the time to really ground that I found appealing. I, too, have been trying this on since we met and have found it a powerful tool. All too often, I run around from task to task and get caught up in the mundane. Some of my intentions with this project are to cultivate depth and emotion and I have found that speed is the enemy of both.

Overall, it is clear that Destin is consciously shaping his future and choosing who he is. To think that part of who he is now has been shaped by this fiery, exciting relationship gives me new perspective on what relationship can be and how we can grow through it.

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